Nabil MansourMedium to Markdown

Nabil Mansour

How does this work?

This is a simple web app that converts a Medium article to Markdown. Just paste the URL of the article you want to convert and click the "search" button. The app will fetch the article, convert it to Markdown, and display it for you to copy.


I wanted to convert some of my Medium articles to Markdown so I could publish them on my personal website. I couldn't find a tool that did this in an easy way, so I built one myself.


This app uses
for the frontend and Turndown for the conversion from HTML to Markdown. You can also find the code for it by clicking the
link in the header.

Any Issues?

iframes and other embedded content are not supported. Instead you will see[other]<caption>[\other] in its place in the Markdown output.

Can I support you?

Sure! You can support me by sharing this tool with your friends or by contributing to the codebase on GitHub. And if anything, you can always